• We intervene to find and negotiate the best prices, customers, products and services you need.
  • We also advise you on your products, so that they be adapted to the European markets and they will be attractive to the customers.
  • We hold the customer’s stands in the fairs who cannot get abroad or who need a trilingual person, French, English, Arabic.
  • We support the middle east customers who are looking for products in Europe and vice versa.
  • We can find you the franchise you search.
  • We are multilingual and multicultural, so you can communicate with us with the language you prefer.
  • We also accompany you for the fairs in Europe and middle east, and help you to communicate with the buyers in French, and English.
  • as conclusion: if you have difficulties to find products in Europe and the middle east, you can’t get visa to come to Europe? We invite you to contact us.
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